We are pleased to announce the release of Smart Beholder. The release of Smart Beholder contains two parts including: the source codes and dependencies, and the pre-compiled binaries. Currently the software only supports the Raspberry Pi board, so you have to get a Raspberry Pi board to play with Smart Beholder. However, you can extend the current implementation to support other embedded Linux boards. Please remember that Smart Beholder is still in beta stage, we need your tests and feedbacks to improve the software.

Smart Beholder Packages

  • git access (hosted on github): https://github.com/chunying/smartbeholder.
  • Smart Beholder source codes and dependencies:
    - beholder-0.1.1-all-in-one.tar.bz2 [ download ] (released on 2016-05-22)
  • Smart Beholder pre-compiled binaries for Raspberry Pi (for Raspbian):
    - beholder-0.1.1-bin.rpi.tar.bz2 [ download ] (released on 2016-05-22)
    We compiled the software on Raspbian version 2015-09-24.
  • Smart Beholder client: Smart Beholder compatible client can be downloaded from here: [ Windows | Linux | Android ]
  • Checksums:
    - sha1sum: 8ecaeded6647f829558c7827c84abbb24413a182 beholder-0.1.1-all-in-one.tar.bz2 5214a29acd4bb033122a01f599afaa3f129318a8 beholder-0.1.1-bin.rpi.tar.bz2
    - md5sum: 21b83500f4f3c94f5897162b25b2aa27 beholder-0.1.1-all-in-one.tar.bz2 3d7d6b20efd21d8c415e0e843910b2ef beholder-0.1.1-bin.rpi.tar.bz2